Terms & Conditions


Our turn over time is from three working days to seven working days. Samples can be run faster on rush basis. A three day turnover is 100% more will be charged for rush samples.

Services provided by TAL are done under the terms and conditions stated herein unless a formal contact agreement is signed.


Payment in advance is required for all clients except those whose credit has been established with our company. For clients with approved credit, terms are net 10 days. Though we accept checks and or PayPal but in exceptional cases we also accept Card credit cards.


All clients’ information and results are confidential. Confidentiality agreements, therefore, are signed willingly. In any instance where information is subpoenaed by and must be released to a regulatory or legal body, the client is promptly notified. Likewise, the client agrees to respect all such relationships of trust. Client agrees it will not use Texas Analytical Laboratories, Inc. name and/or data in any manner, which might cause harm to the company’s reputation and/or business. Clients agree not to publish Texas Analytical Laboratories, Inc. or its officer’s name in any circumstances either alone or in association with that of any other party, without its approval in writing.


The total liability of Texas Analytical Laboratories, its officers, employees, agents, or sub-contractors for any loss or damage arising out of our performance, whether by way of negligence, or breach of contract, or otherwise shall not exceed the amount paid or payable by client for the work leading to the claim. We warrant the accuracy of test results for the sample as submitted. The foregoing express warranty is exclusive and is given in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. We disclaim any other warranties, expressed or implied, including a Warranty of fitness for Particular Purpose.


Our data holding time is 2 years and will retain Certificate of Analysis for two years, after which certificates are destroyed. During this two years period client can ask additional report copies free of charge. Certificates of analysis can only be reproduced in full without our written permission. Any partial report reproduction is not accepted by Texas Analytical Laboratories, Inc.


Samples are retained for 30 days after testing unless otherwise notified by the client. There is no charge for sample storage or disposal in normal circumstances but in exceptional cases it can be charged with prior knowledge of customer. Samples will be packaged and returned to client when requested.


All contracts are subject to review and approval by Texas Analytical Laboratories, Inc., and must be signed by authorized person.


We offer free FedEx for sample in USA. Local sample pick-up is provided at no charge. Containers, mailers, labels and shipping instruction for domestic and international shipment of your samples are provided at no cost.


a. TAL will give you with your quote a sample size. You may also call us and we will be glad to answer. 

b. In most cases we will give you the absolute minimum of sample needed to perform the testing you have requested. However, we would prefer that at least twice the minimum amount be provided by you to ensure that enough sample is available for rechecks and duplicate analysis if needed.

TAL does offer complimentary sample pick-up for local samples. Pick-up is offered at a minimum cost.​

In most cases we do provide sample containers.

Yes, we do provide a Chain of Custody Form and it can be printed from the website on the contact page. The filled Chain of Custody Form should accompany all samples submitted; it can be your form as well.

Payment in advance is required for all clients except those whose credit has been established with our company. For clients with approved credit, terms are net 10 days. Though we accept checks and or credit card.

TAL suggest you call prior to submitting samples to discuss which method is BEST for your needs, based on precision and detection limits, as well as the type of sample to be submitted. TAL utilizes various methodologies in its laboratory, including but not limited to ASTM, UOP, EPA, and GPA. If you do not have a specific method for your analytical needs, we will utilize the best-recognized method available to analyze your sample.

We discount according to the number of samples and for the number of tests per sample. All test packages show a discounted price. Multiple samples for a given test package will also be discounted. Please request a quote.

Quality Assurance

TAL analyses are performed using Medical and EPA QA/QC protocols that include (one) blanks, standards (two) controls, duplicates (one after each 10 samp.), and (one in 20) spikes for each batch.

Test method used is the latest published edition. Quality of test checked by monthly participation of similar labs sample surveys with several agencies for inter laboratory studies on fuels, lubricants and waters to assure that we are conforming with current procedures.

​To check overall performance occasionally a blind sample is included with knowledge of Lab director to check technicians, quality and smooth running of the lab process.

​For all types of fingerprinting by FTIR, GC, GC-MS, hydrocarbons in refined petroleum products to trace metals in new and in-service lubricants, Texas Analytical Laboratories stands ready to serve your needs in all area of analytical testing.