We are the only Texas Analytical Laboratories registered in the State of Texas. 

Abbreviation like TALEM is not registered as Texas Analytical Laboratories.

Texas Analytical Laboratories, Inc. (TAL) is an independent laboratory testing company started in 1984 and incorporated in 1991 in the State of Texas. It is operated by a PhD chemist with more than 30 years of experience. TAL employs various disciplined professionals and is divided into the following sections: 

Environmental Section

Petroleum Section

Microbiological Section

IT Section Process Automation

Court Expert Witness & Legal Analysis Section

ASTM Testing Section, R&D New Product Development

With the help of a receptive marketing department, TAL serves the overall needs of our customers. TAL is a certified minority business enterprise, which has established a solid reputation in the fields of Petroleum, Microbiology, Environmental, R&D, and Chemical analysis.

Our customers include major companies in the petrochemical and manufacturing sectors, the federal government, many of the major Texas cities, and also many of the Universities across the United States and more than 10 hospitals. Our analysis results have been acknowledged by the scientists in international journals such as the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, the Journal of Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, and other various analytical and chemical journals regularly.

Our services are accepted by the Texas Department of Health and other federal, state, and local regulatory agencies. TAL also participates in EPA Quality Control Measure. TAL follows QA/QC protocols as described in published ASTM and EPA methods. To insure proper methodology, TAL technician’s document and log all laboratory analyses. In addition, our support staff provides prompt and reliable service to all clients.

Our broad range of capabilities allows us to serve all your laboratory needs with fast turnaround time and reasonable pricing. Our prices continue to be competitive with the competition, and we can negotiate our prices without compromising our quality of service to you. 

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