Established in 1990

For over thirty years, Texas Analytical Laboratories, Inc. has provided laboratory and field services for the 

 (1) Environmental (2) court cases (3) microbiology (4) ASTM and R&D (5) Petroleum and (6) IT related areas. At TAL, we value our customers and always welcome new clients. With PhD and MS degreed chemists and engineers, TAL can guarantee ethical and accurate results.

Texas Analytical Laboratories, Inc proudly has following minority certificates:

  • City of Houston
  • Houston Minority Business Council
  • State of Texas HUB Certification
  • US Small Business Administration
  • Port of Houston
  • Small Disadvantage Certificate
  1. Environmental Section: This section is dedicated to monitoring and testing of soil, water, and air in the field. TAL has done more than 400 Phase-I and Phase-II, Railroad commission projects evaluation petroleum oil pipelines in the Highway construction of IH249, waste analysis for suitability of disposal, petroleum tank excavation projects. Sample collection and Waste Monitoring of Quanex (Steel Pipe manufacturing Industry), Texas Instruments and many more.
  2. Expert Witness & Legal Analysis Section: The section participates in legal aspect of the environment.  Working with attorneys and visiting the site, devise suitable experiments to answer legal case. By fingerprinting the material in question is done using FTIR, GC-MS, or studying unique pattern of the contact C, N, halogens, metals or organic or inorganic markers the subject matter is compared with known material and conclusion is drawn. 

Some of Cases Handled.

(a) Petroleum tank leakage related pollution and finding the source. Roofing material identification and determining which one beaded to make roof look bad.

(b) Railroad car Coke spill and resulting fire in Texas Panhandle. To our surprise it was not the coke spilled from car, but some outside vandalism was reason of fire.

(c) Insurance related claims, car damage due to sugar in tank, or wrong transmission or motor oil.

(d) Fire in stores and finding the cause or the damage due to fire.

(e) Field collection of biological material and finding the source. We are proud to say all my clients who brought cases to us have won their case.

  1. Microbiological Section: Total cell count, LAL, Water and Food born microbes is offered by subsidiary Express Biomed LLC
  2. ASTM Testing and R&D Section: Section deal with test based on ASTM methods. Research and Development of new products.
  3. Petroleum Section: Using different wet chemistry methods and spectral instruments such as GC-MS, HPLC, ICP-MS, ICP, FTIR, UV, Fluorescence spectrophotometer, Microscope, Microplate reader we can do established testing listed in service section and design new custom test methods and much more.

  4. IT Section: Designing computer programs for process automation, Custom computer Programing system and computer system design.